About Industrias Farmacéuticas Puerto Galiano

OKALTUS Drinkable Sticks

New Launch for COUGHS Puerto Galiano rounds out its winter product line with OKALTUS. A novel medicine suitable for all types of cough thanks to its combination of active ingredients (dextromethorphan + guaifenesin). Meanwhile, it comes in a CONVENIENT drinkable stick...

Authorised as Food Supplement Manufacturer

Manufacture and Distribution of Food Supplements In early September 2016, Puerto Galiano received authorisation as a food supplement manufacturer approved by the Autonomous Region of Madrid. This allows us to extend our catalogue of services offered to our clients,...

The Legacy of Rafael Puerto Galiano

On 26 September 2015, Madrid was the setting for the tribute paid to the legacy of Rafael Puerto Galiano, the company's founder, along with the presentation of his biography. This was a family event with the aim of offering an emotional recollection of his life.

Protect yourself with OkalGrip

The flu treatment that alleviates the symptoms of colds and flu. Now is the time to change to okalgrip: thanks to its effectiveness, pleasant orange flavour, and because it dissolves completely with no effort. Please read the instructions for this medication and...

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