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Our solutions:

Our installations are equipped with the very latest technology and machinery, allowing us to offer Manufacturing for Third Parties by subcontracting their products at an affordable cost, with a wide range of options including everything from acquisition of the initial materials to delivery of the finished product at their warehouse.

Our services:

  • Solid oral products:
    • Tablet
    • Coated tablet
    • Lozenges and powders/granules in jars and sachets
    • Liquid oral products:
      • Solutions and syrups in containers of up to 250 mL.
    • Topical liquids:
      •  Solutions and emulsions in small roll-on and spray formats.


    Our solutions:

    We offer the option of manufacturing cosmetic powders in jars of between 75 g and 300 g. We have in place the most modern and versatile equipment in terms of capacity performance.

    Our services:

    We have the following manufacturing equipment:

    • Compression Machines
    • Coating Drums
    • Reactors
    • Mixers
    • Mills
    • Pneumatic powder transfer systems for loading and emptying

    Main Conditioning equipment

    •  Blister-packing-wrapping lines for aluminium/aluminium, aluminium/PVC, aluminium/PVDC.
    • Dosing line for powders in jars.
    • Dosing line for powders in sachets.
    • Packaging line for topical and oral liquids up to 250 mL.
    • Packaging line for roll-on liquids.
    • Large-format cartoning machine (bottles, jars, sachets).

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