Okal (Puerto Galiano) is renewing its commercial management by adopting a new vision that involves sitting down with pharmacists, listening to them and working in accordance with their needs. Okal (Industrias Farmacéuticas Puerto Galiano) was present this year at Infarma 2016.

Under the title “Four Seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter“, OKAL presented its products with a novel, cutting-edge stand reproducing the specific experience of these four periods. This involved presentation of a new concept for communication with pharmacists who, under their trademarks and those they market, have access to a wide range of OTC products providing solutions for their respective uses throughout the year, delivering profitable business.

Okal has decided to renew its commercial management, adopting a new vision that involves sitting down with pharmacists, listening to them and working in accordance with their needs, by providing solutions. Okal now has in place an extensive product range offering solutions for pain, flu and colds. Lilimento Naion is the standout product for muscle and joint pain, Gargaril for throat conditions, along with the constipation range, headed by Zeninas tablets, supported by Zeninas Transit and Laxante Salud. The firm is also committed to skin care with its Evans range of talcum products and its Fresh, Fungus and Baby fluid talcum versions.

This product range goes hand-in-hand with the products of another very well-known brand name in the form of Ceregumil, now marketed by Puerto Galiano. The key products in the family include Liquid Iron, Active Mind, Isogumil, Phosphorus, Ceregumil Kids and, of course, Ceregumil Classic.

All without overlooking the Braun range of thermometers, guaranteeing the greatest precision in taking body temperature. The latest product additions presented by the laboratory include in particular Okalrinus to combat nasal congestion (0.5 mg/mL oxymetazoline nasal spray solution), recommended for both adults and children aged 6 and up. A product recommended in autumn to treat rhinitis caused by colds and flu, and in springtime for allergic rhinitis. Okalrinus is fitted with a non-drip valve. The other novel feature is the supplement with liquid iron, with folic acid and vitamin B12, suitable for adults, teenagers and children aged 3 years and up. It maintains the balance of these nutrients, by providing 100% of your daily needs. Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

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