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Zenanas laxative, Okalgrip for colds, Okaltus to combat coughs, etc.

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Protect yourself with OkalGrip

The flu remedy that alleviates the symptoms of colds and flu. Now is the time to change to Okalgrip: thanks to its effectiveness, pleasant orange flavour, and because it dissolves completely with no effort.

Please read the instructions for this medication and consult your pharmacist.


We are experts in treating intestinal disorders, from the most minor to the most acute. We have developed a range of products providing a solution and helping people to lead a healthier life, improving bowel transit and avoiding constipation problems. Our leading brand, Zeninas, has been here to help since 1958.

Skin care

Like a baby’s bottom: that is the feeling of well cared-for skin. We manufacture products that protect and care for your skin. Evans Family.


Flu and colds

We want you to steer clear of coughs, to keep your nose and throat clear, avoid flu and make that cold a walk in the park. Discover the products that make it possible Okal Family.  What is Okal today?

The peace of mind of a trusted laboratory

Services for third parties

Manufacturing, quality control, registrations, distribution, etc.



All manner of regulatory procedures affecting the pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, healthcare products, etc.


Solutions to problems of installations, application of GMP standards, preparation of application dossiers, audits of installations, etc.


We manufacture solid and liquid oral drug, topical liquids and powder cosmetics in jars of 75 to 300 g.


Quality Control (GMP Certificate), specialising in all forms of analysis affecting the pharmaceutical, para-pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries.

100% Spanish-owned pharmaceutical laboratory

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We aim to help improve people’s quality of life, and so work with dedication and enthusiasm to create products and brands that are icons of reliability and quality.

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