Discover how Zeninas can help you with all the dinners and overeating this Christmas

Why take Zeninas at Christmas?

Christmas is here, and with it all of those parties, eating, dining and endless snacking between meals. During the festive period we forget our regular habits and live to excess, an excess that can take its toll and impact on the proper functioning of our bowel transit. Occasional constipation is common, while those who suffer chronic constipation can find their condition worsened.

What can Zeninas do for you at Christmas? Provide relief and get your body working properly in a natural and safe way.

And how can I avoid constipation beforehand? There are a number of guidelines to help alleviate the problem to a greater or lesser extent, such as by starting to take Zeninas Transit a few days earlier, as a food supplement that will help keep bowel transit functioning properly. Also suitable for pregnant women.

You should drink at least 2 L of water, eat food with a high fibre content, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Lead a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself. We are here to help.

With the Okal guarantee


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